Busting Motor Oil Myths

Many myths abound over how motor oil is used in today's vehicles. Some have become myths due to changes in technology, while others have just persisted due to incorrect information. One that has changed over the years is the length of time between oil changes. Technology has allowed some vehicles to go as long as 10,000 before the oil has to be replaced.

Other oil myths that aren't true is that darkness indicates dirt, meaning it's time for a change. Some formulations are naturally dark. Another persistent myth is that oil doesn't wear out but merely becomes dirty. Again, not true as the additives in your oil formulation become less effective over time. Neither are all additives the same. All have different formulations.

The technicians at Westend Hyundai know when it's time to change your vehicle's oil. We'll also make sure that your filter is changed at the same time.



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