Does Kitty Litter Work Better Than Salt For Road Traction In The Winter?

Winter brings many challenges to people in Etobicoke. Smart drivers understand that they must be prepared for extreme weather. A well-prepared emergency kit can make a world of difference in tough situations on the road. Jumper cables, blankets, and extra clothes are all small items that can pay huge dividends. It is also necessary to have something to put under the tires for traction in case the vehicle gets stuck.

There are many debates about what to use. Rock salt is the traditional answer. It melts ice and gives great traction to the tires. However, kitty litter is emerging as a better item to keep in the car instead of salt.

Rock salt is expensive going into winter time because it is in high demand. It is also a highly corrosive substance and can do a great deal of damage to the vehicle when left inside. Kitty litter is far more accessible. It can be found at any pet store year-round for a reasonable price. It is designed to absorb moisture. This is why it is a great agent to use when the driver needs to gain grip on a wet surface.

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