New Technology Allows Headlights To See Around Corners

New vehicles are becoming more and more state of the art, and if you think headlight technology is lagging behind and still just a bulb behind some plastic, you are in for a big surprise. Not only are new bulb types like LED's allowing for brighter and more precise lighting, advancements in tech have actually allowed your cars headlights to see around corners while driving.

In what is know as Adaptive Headlights, when you turn your vehicles steering wheel or the car it detects it is turn via internal GPS, it will actually cause the headlight bulb to change angles and illuminate around corners or curves. This has greatly improved night time driving safety, with drivers no longer surprised about what is around the corner. And while additional technology can mean additional repair complexity, we are more than equipped enough at Westend Hyundai in [CITY] to service your headlights if needed.

Much like these new headlights, bringing your vehicle in for regular service can help you see what is coming up around the next bend. Do not be surprised call our fantastic technicians today.

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