Headlights Looking Worn Out?

Headlights get cloudy with age because of the constant abrasion by debris hitting them on the freeway. Have you ever wondered if you can remedy that without replacing them? You could try a couple techniques that others have found works sometimes.

Worn headlight covers can sometimes be polished into better condition, depending on whether they're made of plastic or glass. Common household items can be used like toothpaste, insect repellent, or fine-grit sandpaper. The grit in toothpaste can act like sandpaper, and the DEET in common insect repellents can also smooth plastic surfaces. Experiment to see if one of these work for you.

At Westend Hyundai, we have trained technicians who can help you with any maintenance issues you might have with your vehicle. If you need headlight replacements, they can help with that, or they can answer any questions you have. Stop by our location in Etobicoke or make an appointment.

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