A Few Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced

If you know what to look for when it comes to tire issues, you could avoid a potential blowout on the road.
  • Look closely at the tire tread for all the tires. If the tread looks like it is separating from the tire, this could be a sign of a defect and should be taken care of today.
  • Bulges and cracks in the tread are signs of trouble and should not be ignored. This could compromise the integrity of the tire and lead to a potential blowout.
  • If you happen to notice that something is stuck in the tire, especially the side of the tire, never try to remove the item on your own. Bring the car to the service center so an expert can diagnose the extent of the damage.
Bring your vehicle to Westend Hyundai and our tire technicians can inspect and replace the tires if they show signs of uneven wear.
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